Hey you guys! It’s summer and I’m back!!! Send in your preference ideas!

Niall (Summer): *Splash* "Niall!" you yelled at the top of your lungs, that boy jumped in your pool and splashed you. Now you were mad at him. Aww no you could never be mad at him. How could you stay mad at that face. "Aww come on Y/N! you know you want too" he laughed. You were sat on the edge with your feet in the water. You found it a tad cold for your liking. "Well i'm already wet so what do i have to lose" you replied as you dropped in. "I knew you wanted some of this Irish fanny". You laughed at his remark of their recent interview with Alan Carr. As soon as you were completely wet, Niall asked "i'm hungry. where's the food?"
Liam (Winter): You and Liam were walking through Times Square in New York. "New York is beautiful in the winter time isn't it Y/N?" Liam asked you. "Yeah it really is" you replied. Snow was falling all around you, but the two of you didn't care. To him it was romantic, to you it was angelic. "Y/N you have some snow on your head" Liam said. You smiled and brushed it off. "I love winter, Liam" "Me too, but do you know what's better?" he asked. "No? what is". Liam led you into a dark alley way and stared at your eyes intentionally for a couple seconds then he leaned in to kiss you. Best winter ever.
Harry (Spring): "Y/N do you know where the daisy's are?" Harry asked.The two of you were gardening with your daughter, Darcy. "In the back of the car. I didn't take them out from yesterday." you replied with a smile. It wasn't really a 2-on-2 date, more like a family date, but same diff. "Mummy? wheres dada gone" Darcy asked. For a 3 year old she asked alot of questions. "Dada is gone to get more flowers for Darcy's garden! isn't that fabulous?" I replied, sounding like a girl on steroids. "Back" Harry yelled. He picked up Darcy and sat down by me. He took a picture on his iPhone and made it his background.
Zayn (Fall/Autumn): "I'm Cold!" You whined on you date with Zayn. You were walking down the road to your favorite bakery. "Come Here" Zayn whispered in your ear. You did as he said and he placed his arm around your waist and gave your his hat. "But now your ears are going to be cold?" you told him with a puppy dog face. "Don't worry about me" he said "I'm Zayn Malik I Never get cold." "if you say so" you replied. Once you got to the bakery you ordered a chocolate croissant, while Zayn ordered a red velvet cupcake. When you went outside guess who said, "My ears are cold"?
Louis (Summer): "Hey I just met you, and this is cracked, but your my boyfriend, so hold my back!" you ordered Louis as you walked down the wall of yours and your husbands bedroom. "Hey i'm not your boyfriend! I'm your husband" he questioned. "Ya, I know but nothing body related rhymes with husband". He held your back and you walked down the wall with ease. "Simple" he said with a grin on his face. "Oh yeah what are you gonna do then" you asked, but you were interrupted by your daughters crying. "I'm gonna go tend to the baby".
Authors Note: I loved writing this one! Something about dates i like. Anyways feedback is always appreciated! ~Vanessa

Harry- The Mall

Liam- At Your House

Niall- At His House In Ireland

Zayn- At The Park

Louis-  In Bed




One Direction - Live While We’re Young

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Louis: his hair! Ugh it sticks to his face in a certain way that turns you on more.
Harry: his testicles. Just so soft!
Liam: his penis... Nuff said.
Zayn: his tattoos. They make you speechless
Niall: his Irish accent. It gets thicker when he's pleasured.
Louis: He always trys to make you laugh to make you feel better, he would pull the funniest faces and pull dumb jokes on the boys when you're around.
Niall: When you're upset to the point were you're crying he'll beg you to stop. He would cuddle up to you to make sure things get better. Hugging you tight.
Zayn: He kisses you trying to make you feel better. He would start kissing your forehead, then to your temples, then on both of your cheeks. He then stares deep into your eyes leaving a hard kiss on your lips.
Harry: He'd get a bit nude and put on your favorite movie. You love when he starts being himself and when he makes little funny comments you can't help but smile
Liam: You usually run right into the bathroom and lock him out. He would slide down the door begging you to come out, when that doesn't work he'd slide notes under the door begging for you to come out.
Harry: Mario and princess Peach.
Zayn: Superman and Wonder woman
Liam: Woody and Jessie
Niall: Barbie and Ken.
Louis: Pirates (He made you buy a more skimpy outfit)
-Jenni (Sorry they suck..)


“we’re always writing on the road and in hotels and airports. We don’t ever want our music to sound like a 40-year-old man in an office has written it and given it to us to perform.”

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